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In spite of the huge progress made so far by the dedicated sewadars, our dreams and visions are still in the conception stage. It is not too late for anybody to get involved now. We are at the very early stages of our development and want everybody’s constructive input to do the most good for the maximum number of people with the resources of our great community. 

We have retained the honorary services of a very able architectS. Mohinder Singh Datta - from San Francisco who is experienced in translating dreams and vague ideas in people’s heads into very visible drawings and eventually buildings. What are your dreams? What mix of facilities and programs will keep our next generations genuinely interested in Sikh Heritage? In what sequence should we build our multi-purpose complex? Should we install an electronic bill board on beltway 8 to communicate selective Sikh messages? Do you want a Sikh museum for those who don’t know us or a Sikh visitor/welcome center to attract passers by and tell them about Sikhism and serve free snacks? 

We are at ground zero in terms our architectural and design phase. You are not at any disadvantage if you have not been involved in this project so far. Please get involved now. Contribution now is much better than complaining later! 

Please join us for our first “brain-storming Session” with Mr. Mohinder Singh Datta – Our Project Architect. Everybody – we mean everybody - is invited. We especially encourage participation of ladies and youth members.

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